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Waste of my money

Response is slow was no help while visiting Mexico


What a great app and a way to communicate!

Not support lots of languages

I tried with vietnamese and thai. Did not work

There should be voices for all languages in the App.

It would be nice if there was a voice for the Somali Language because there is a lot of Somalis in the city I live.


It could not traslate as much as languages like the app advertising. This app could not reconized the voice to translate languages that have been chosen in the list. Refund me or fix that buds mistakes here do not cheating us

I am happy so far...

I just installed the app for using to translate in a meeting. The sensitivity depends on your phone and the location the speaker is to the phone. In my case, an iPhone 7S+ does not do too well in a moderately noisy environment (air conditioning, background music, etc.) I will try with a microphone and see how it works. I find the response time to a few spoken sentences quit quick (5 seconds) on 4G. I have found the English to Spanish at 100% and the Spanish to English at maybe 75%. Dialect and slang matters I think. Overall I am quite happy with the app. Thanks for developing it!


Ideal para viajar y traducir coloquialmente, puesto que la tradición no es literal.

well done

very good app,,,, well done-:)

Not what is advertised

They make it look like you could set up a Bluetooth with another person but settings doesn't have that. Doesn't appear to have an offline mode that would be most useful in a foreign country they you just arrived in. I'm hoping I'm missing something.

Slow response

The response is slow, but more importantly, I can find no adjustment that allows the translated message to remain on the screen, or to allow it to remain longer to allow people to review it. Also, it mistranslated words about 30% of the time, even when I try and speak slowly and distinctly Other than these issues, it would be a valuable tool for contacting members of my Church that have little/no English, and can't understand my very poor Spanish.


Wonderful...amazing app

Love this Ap

Love this Ap


This is perfect. I'm learning Spanish this app is going to help me tremendously especially when I travel. I'm bilingual French English with this app I will be a polyglot in no time. Thumbs up


Love it :) having so much fun even with my kids:)

Amazing App - i have a suggestion !!!

This is surreal... You guys should try to connect across other platforms... Whatsapp, Skype, etc... Let me know when you plan... I'll shares before you do !!! Love it !!! Already recommended to a lot of friends and family !!! 😎✨

Útil y práctica!! Me encanta esta app!!

La he usado pocas veces, yo hablo un 75 % de ingles, y me parece que traduce bien, especialmente las oraciones en tiempo pasado y condicional.


اتمنا ان يكون اسهل . ولكن مفيد جدآ

Es increíble, excelente

Es excelente

Love it!

Great price and it works 100%!!

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